I'm trying to sell these guys: Heisoteri- 3.5k (aka what I paid) Emphines- 250 Axothan- 250 Imeaorn- 350 Molangai- 350 Verdant warden- 3k-6k (not sure of exact worth) Vaumora- 350 Sar'Hingaro- 2k I'm not 100% sure about creature worth, but this is what I've seen these creatures sold for in.... seed stitch blanket free pattern. The Creatures of Sonaria Wiki has made 15,136 pages overall, 299 articles, 80,247 edits, uploaded 10,482 files, ... If you're interested in buying any of these comment my user is mydogsnameisnikki2 #yggdragstyx #ibetchi #verdantwarden #creaturesofsonaria... Species (selling for mush/ creatures) Alkaksu x2. Ani. Arrainoa. Arsonos. Axothan. how much is ibetchi worth creatures of sonaria. 1.Please specify the Taper Size, Chuck Size, Thread and the Set Code No. e.g. S. MCA 40 F A 2. Flange Type. Insert Clamp Handle for DJ BORING BIT ‥‥‥ 40. T- . Torx Wrench for eMAC BORING SYSTEM ‥‥‥ 52. T- . Clamp Handle for OIL JETTER BITE ‥‥‥‥‥ 65.

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