Request an increase in-app. Hit ‘change my credit card limit’ in NAB’s desktop banking. Call 13 22 65. Visit a branch during business ... Samsung Pay and NAB Pay No gambling or cash advances New look card with improved accessibility features. Depending on a customer’s credit limit: $1,000 credit limit: Pay $35 per month. Reverts to cash advance rate. No interest free days apply to purchases while you have a balance transfer. Apply now Find out more,. Less than 1% of NAB’s credit card customers have been recorded as falling into a position of financial hardship over the past 12 months – a trend that is consistent across other credit.. Follow these simple steps to request an increase or decrease to your personal credit card limit in the NAB app. Download the latest version of the NAB app. Go to the Cards menu. Select your card. Select Usage controls and then Change your credit limit. Follow the prompts to select your new credit limit. Use NAB Internet Banking (desktop).. What counts as a cash advance? Using a credit card to withdraw cash at an ATM is one type of transaction that could be counted as a ‘cash advance’. But other types of transactions can be.

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